DataSensor – Control System for Warehouses

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DataSensor – Control System for Warehouses2021-02-23T15:52:50-03:00

Project Description

The variables involved in the process of elaboration of wines and sparkling wine determine the final results of the product. The permanent control of theses variables is one of the fundamental tasks for the oncologist in charge of the project. Aldibs provide an easy and quick solution to use with Datasensor.

This Information and Control System created for Wineries, DataSensor, was developed by the Aldibs team. It takes data from both 90,000-liter steel tanks of sparkling wines, as well as from cellars, presses and any container that requires control, through sensors installed in them.

The software collects the information from the sensors and generates trend graphs in variables such as pressure, temperature, conductivity, flow, relative humidity, among others. It provides a powerful tool for decision making.

Alarm System App: The software also has an application for mobile devices with an Alarm System that issues warnings when a variable exceeds the normal limits allowed. For example, the application will receive a notification if the temperature of a tank drops to levels where the yeasts are at risk. Through this App, you can see the variables of the tanks, cellars, presses or any other element connected to the system in real-time.

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