Our services

We are a team specialized in web development and mobile applications. We use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Java Spring, Ionic Framework and other technologies that speed up the development process and provide a quality service.

Web platform development

We develop strategic software using Ruby on Rails to make your product a success. Aldibs creates dynamic, secure and profitable web platforms to provide solutions to the needs of your company. We generate mobile applications that optimize your business, with agile processes that save time and resources. We implement, monitor and provide support to the systems we develop.

App development for IOS and Android

We enhance the scope of your product with the development of custom mobile applications for IOs and Android. We use hybrid frameworks (open source) that allow us to build high-quality cross-platform applications for IOs, Android and the web. Publication in the Play Store and App Store.

UX/UI Design

The UI (user interface) is what users see when they check your website, and the UX (user experience) is what they feel while they use it. The User Experience Interface is designed focusing on the users and their emotions.

Support and maintenance

Nowadays every business requires technological support to operate 24/7. Aldibs provides a continuous support and maintenance service, constantly updating and correcting errors or problems in the performance of the software.

Cloud Hosting

Aldibs works with virtual or dedicated servers, we perform backups and monitoring. Our cloud hosting services guarantee security, convenience and the best results at lower costs. We provide access to a scalable infrastructure in the cloud.

Consultancy and training

Aldibs is a consultant in Ruby on Rails & Ionic Framework. We have a lot of experience in creating large, secure and scalable web applications for various industries. We also develop software solutions for wineries, agricultural companies, universities, tourism agencies, e-commerce and oil companies. We train and coach courses in company and academic settings. We have experience giving seminars at the UTN, UNC and IDITS.

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