InfoFarm – Management System for the Agricultural Sector

InfoFarm – Management System for the Agricultural Sector2021-02-19T16:41:00-03:00

Project Description

The Aldibs team developed a management system for farms with diverse production. Agricultural management complexity lies in the fact that they have a unified annual budget for different products. Then, they find it difficult to determine which of the sectors generate profits or losses.

InfoFarm is a management system for agricultural companies, with comprehensive budget management, expense records, seasonal comparisons, summaries and reports of yields by productive areas.

The tool designed by the Aldibs team is used to determine the input used for each product, how much of each it is applied to a production, which results it generates and what to save on. It allows making annual comparisons between the forecast and the actual results, determining which sector of the farm generates profits and which sector or product generates losses. In this way, production changes from year to year depending on what the system shows. It is an incredible tool for planning and optimizing resources.

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