Red Mercosur – Applications for Gas and Oil

Red Mercosur – Applications for Gas and Oil2021-02-19T16:44:56-03:00

Project Description

Mobile application developed by Aldibs for a gas station shop floor. The customer´s staff can associate fuel dispatches to a customer through the app; automatically adding the points of the loyalty benefits system. You can also issue a receipt and send it to the customer by email. The modules for managing the station inventory, taking gauges level measures and cash advances for customers are included.

Mobile application for the client. . The App allows the customer to add points for their purchases; update prizes instantly and check invoices issued. It also has an electronic wallet with which you can pay at the associated service stations.

Support application (webchat).  The App allows the support area to have a webchat connected to customer applications, establishing a communication channel with them.

Mobile application for Servicompras. The App is designed to manage the station minimarkets. Features include taking inventory, ordering from suppliers and receiving merchandise and products.

Mobile application for user and account management. The App allows the company to update passwords, register new clients by validating their data with AFIP services and create new users.

Project Title