7 famous sites built with Ruby

7 famous sites built with Ruby

Ruby is the interpreted, reflective and object-oriented programming language, created by the Japanese programmer Yukihiro Matsumoto in 2006; it is present in many of the web pages that we visit daily. Let´s have a look at a list of very popular portals and platforms using Ruby.
1. Twitter. This huge social network had to be mentioned because of the millions of users using it around the world every day. In the beginning, it was built on Ruby, although today it changed to Scala to be able to manage a large number of messages in real-time.2. Airbnb. Airbnb. It is a company and a software platform dedicated to offering accommodation to individuals and tourists. The name is an acronym for airbed and breakfast (inflatable mattress and breakfast). Airbnb has an offering of more than 2,000,000 properties in 192 countries and more than 33,000 cities.

3. Hulu. It is a paid website, supported by advertising, streaming TV shows and movies from NBC, FOX, and many other networks and studios. They are currently working only with users in the United States. It is very similar to Netflix or HBO platforms.

4. Groupon. They are the giants of discounts worldwide. Launched in November 2008 in Chicago, its base is made of Ruby. Millions of people around the world benefit from discounts on the web every day.

5. Bloomberg. Founded in 1981, it is one of the largest corporations in the world dedicated to the world of finance, with its news agency and trading software and with more than 15,000 employees, one of the largest companies in the world using Ruby.

6. Soundcloud. It is known as the YouTube of sound. The Swedish platform manages 175 million visits per month and the upload of twelve hours of audio per minute; it has become a reference for both users and creators. It was originally written in Ruby, but like Twitter, it later adopted Scala for certain parts of the app, although Ruby is still present in the SoundCloud code.

7. Github. We could not forget the largest developers’ social network in the world. The Github code repository is built on Ruby. It has over 10 million users and stores over 25 million repositories.