Developments in RoR for various industries

Developments in RoR for various industries

Aldibs’ experience with Ruby on Rails has been very successful over time. The versatility of this language has allowed us to develop applications for many different industries and businesses, including wineries, agricultural and fuel companies, travel agencies and even universities.

Our experience can show the great potential that Ruby on Rails has to adapt to different projects. We would like to share with you some of the programs that Aldibs has created so far.

DataSensor – Control System for Warehouses: This Information and Control System created for Wineries, DataSensor, was developed by the Aldibs team. It takes data from both 90,000-liter steel tanks of sparkling wines, as well as from cellars, presses and any container that requires control, through sensors installed in them.

The software collects the information from the sensors and generates trend graphs in variables such as pressure, temperature, conductivity, flow, relative humidity, among others. It provides a powerful tool for decision making..

Alarm System App: The software also has an application for mobile devices with an Alarm System that issues warnings when a variable exceeds the normal limits allowed. For example, the application will receive a notification if the temperature of a tank drops to levels where the yeasts are at risk. Through this App, you can see the variables of the tanks, cellars, presses or any other element connected to the system in real-time.

InfoFarm – Management System for the Agricultural Sector: The Aldibs team developed a management system for farms with diverse production. Agricultural management complexity lies in the fact that they have a unified annual budget for different products. Then, they find it difficult to determine which of the sectors generate profits or losses.

InfoFarm is a management system for agricultural companies, with comprehensive budget management, expense records, seasonal comparisons, summaries and reports of yields by productive areas.

The tool designed by the Aldibs team is used to determine the input used for each product, how much of each it is applied to a production, which results it generates and what to save on. It allows making annual comparisons between the forecast and the actual results, determining which sector of the farm generates profits and which sector or product generates losses. In this way, production changes from year to year depending on what the system shows. It is an incredible tool for planning and optimizing resources.

SinergiaTrip – Management System for Travel Agencies: Our client tested several canned systems and none of them provided the solution that his travel agency needed. Together with the Aldibs team, we developed a great web information system with access through username and password. This system allows travel agencies to make quotes for flights, transfers, hotels, travel assistance, incoming travel, uploading payments to operators, generating electronic invoices, credit notes, report module, administration, the charge of payments to operators, and more.

Feria Mayorista – Wholesalers platform: We developed the first online company that brings together wholesalers, factories and importers to sell their products directly to reseller customers throughout Argentina national territory, without any additional intermediaries.

This e-commerce platform that we developed is agile and efficient in the search and delivery of products. Feria Mayorista sells a wide variety of different items at the best price.

The web page shows thousands of products available to sell, the client chooses them and Feria Mayorista automatically loads it into their Mercado Libre (local Amazon-like) account.

Once the customers make the sale, they enter, select the product (s) that they sold, generate the purchase and send the dispatch invoice so that Faria Mayorista will then send the product directly to the buyer.

Scholarship Management System for universities: Our client is one of the most important scholarship agencies in the market. They manage the resources of donors (godparents) and scholarship recipients (godchildren) and they needed a tool to generate the management of the monthly allowance for each scholarship.

Aldibs developed a web system with user and password authentication to upload scholarships to students. It also tracks donor payments, uploading bank spreadsheets, it has a reporting module and complete accounting module that generates invoices in connection with the AFIP; the local tax collector. Its accounting module also produces a chart of accounts, general ledger, journal books, balance sheets, etc.

Applications for Red Mercosur – Gas and Oil:

Mobile application developed by Aldibs for a gas station shop floor: The customer´s staff can associate fuel dispatches to a customer through the app; automatically adding the points of the loyalty benefits system. You can also issue a receipt and send it to the customer by email. The modules for managing the station inventory, taking gauges level measures and cash advances for customers are included.

Mobile application for the client:. The App allows the customer to add points for their purchases; update prizes instantly and check invoices issued. It also has an electronic wallet with which you can pay at the associated service stations.

Support application (webchat):  The App allows the support area to have a webchat connected to customer applications, establishing a communication channel with them.

Mobile application for Servicompras: The App is designed to manage the station minimarkets. Features include taking inventory, ordering from suppliers and receiving merchandise and products.

Mobile application for user and account management: The App allows the company to update passwords, register new clients by validating their data with AFIP services and create new users.

Technology used: Ruby on Rails full-stack, PostgreSQL, Nginx, JQuery, Ionic Framework, Java.