SinergiaTrip – Management System for Travel Agencies.

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SinergiaTrip – Management System for Travel Agencies.2021-02-23T15:56:42-03:00

Project Description

Our client tested several canned systems and none of them provided the solution that his travel agency needed. Together with the Aldibs team, we developed a great web information system with access through username and password. This system allows travel agencies to make quotes for flights, transfers, hotels, travel assistance, incoming travel, uploading payments to operators, generating electronic invoices, credit notes, report module, administration, the charge of payments to operators, and more.

SinergiaTrip indicates to the agency what it will be their expenses, commissions and taxes in a certain trip. The system does the calculation and shows the convenient price to quote a package to a specific customer. Then it allows the agency to follow up on the client, informing that the date of the trip is approaching, checking that all the corresponding payments have been made. Also, the system is designed to obtain feedback from the user. It asks the user how was their experience during the trip. Besides, it has a website to upload promotions and manage them with the agency’s clients or new users.

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